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iBond Universal
Fractures? Chippings? Repairs with iBond Universal.

Repairs help preserve sound tooth structure and prove to be a safe and effective procedure that can save time and money with relatively minor effort. iBond Universal is ideal for intraoral repairs.

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Explaining Intraoral Repairs with iBond Universal
Intraoral repair of silicate/glass ceramics
Intraoral repair of zirconia-based restorations

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When can I repair and when should I make a replacement?

Which surfaces can be bonded with iBond Universal?

What pre‐treatment is necessary to the preparation, and/or tooth, when repairing a restoration?

What is the benefit of using the iBOND Universal system for intraoral repairs of silicate (glass) ceramics?

For which material does iBOND Universal require a primer (silane)?

Why is a primer (silane) for silicate/glass ceramic required?

What happens if the iBOND Ceramic Primer comes accidentally in contact with the tooth surface?

Can I buy the iBOND Ceramic Primer separately?

In which repair situations can I use a phosphoric acid etchant prior to iBOND Universal?