Our International Ceramic Opinion Leaders

Technical Reference Expertise


  • Antonello di Felice

    Antonello di Felice

    “With HeraCeram Zirkonia I have found the confidence of a reliable material in daily use. This allows me to discover different kind of refills for an excellent layering, customized within the dental mimesis”
    Course language: Italian, English

  • Casaburro Pasquale

    Casaburro Pasquale

    "With HeraCeram 750 I “bring the light” inside my restoration."
    Course language: Italian

  • Dario Viera

    Dario Viera

    "HeraCeram on metal, HeraCeram Zirkonia and HeraCeram 750: reliability, versatility and aesthetics in my lab!"
    Course language: Italian, English

  • Diego Foletto

    Diego Foletto

    "I’m using HeraCeram because this is the right solution among beauty, working time and results."
    Course language: Italian


  • Thomas Backscheider

    Thomas Backscheider

    "This new powder Saphir is the next step for us technicians, the step into the “Light Booster” world. I’ve never seen a ceramic with this opalescence before."
    Course language: German, English

  • Björn Maier

    Björn Maier

    “As soon as you use the Paste Opaque, it becomes immediately apparent that Saphir is an outstanding product. One application is enough to cover the whole framework. From my point of view, it’s the best on the market – a true USP.”
    Language: DE, ENG

  • Markus Stang

    Markus Stang

    "The best feature of the new HeraCeram Saphir is the combination of Chroma and Dentine. I can create natural restorations easily and quickly with a lightly modified basic layering technique."
    Course language: German

  • Michael Schreyer

    Michael Schreyer

    Course language: German, English


  • Milton Uehara

    DT - Milton Uehara

    “With Heraceram I have simplicity and natural results combined in a single product”.
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Giam Fomari

    Giam Fomari

    “Working with Heraceram® line means to me the possibility of offering high quality to our customers in jobs that satisfy all their requirements”.
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Wilson Lima

    Wilson Lima

    “So simple and natural. Working with Heraceram makes my days happier and my work even more sophisticated”.
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Elton Helvig

    Elton Helvig

    “Kulzer products and Heraceram give greater convenience and productivity to my daily workflow”.
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Rogério Candido

    Rogério Candido

    "Heraceram line gives us reliability, providing us confidence on the results of both high production or more personalized works."
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Sandro Mendez

    Sandro Mendez

    “Heraceram is undoubtedly the ceramic that meets all dentistry market requirements for aesthetics and function. It goes beyond being an excellent material.”
    Course language: Portuguese

  • Valdecir Liberatti

    Valdecir Liberatti

    “Heraceram is my ceramics of choice, as it offers all the possibilities to recreate dental naturalness”.
    Course language: Portuguese

Spain & Portugal

  • Spain

    Antonio Pérez Aceves

    Antonio Pérez Aceves

    “When working with a metal ceramic the technicians need to ensure the aesthetic of the teeth, HeraCeram Saphir exceeds the most demanding expectations”.
    Course language: Spanish

  • Portugal

    Rudiger Neugebauer

    Rudiger Neugebauer

    “I never before experienced a Veneering material which is on the one side so easy to handle and on the other side so close to nature.”
    Course language: German, Portuguese, English, Spanish

  • Portugal

    Zsolt Kovacs

    Zsolt Kovacs

    Course language: Hungarian, Portuguese, English

Further countries

  • Greece

    Spiros Chatzigeorigiou

    Spiros Chatzigeorigiou

    "With this unique material, Saphir, I am allowed to use all my skills to cover even the most demanding case with naturalness. The best thing is that I can achieve this result fast, easily and with absolute safety."
    Course language: Greek, English

  • Romania

    Adi Gherman, CDT

    Adi Gherman

    "20 years ago I have started working with HeraCeram . As time passed , this ceramic has offered me solutions for any of the challenges I've met on the way and at the same time brought me lots of satisfaction."
    Course language: Romanian, English

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