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Don’t miss the limited offer for our Flexitime Trial Kits!

Flexitime is the impression material with a flexible working time and short intraoral setting time.

Limited Trial Kit Offer
Flexitime trial kit offer
Venus Bulk Flow ONE

ONE more step...

… takes you to the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite.



Beautiful Retraction

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iBond Journey

iBond Journey

Do you know how to use universal adhesives perfectly?

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  • Flexitime® Fast&Scan

    Flexitime® Fast&Scan

    Many products from our Flexitime system are also available in a Fast & Scan version. This means higher time-savings and offers the additional option of direct digital scanning.

  • New

    cara i700

    cara i700

    The next generation of intraoral scanners has landed: cara i700 comes with a multitude of innovative features that take your scanning experience to a whole new level.

  • Beautiful Retraction



    RetraXil®: Our astringent retraction paste provides a cleanly opened gingival sulcus and ensures beautifully exposed, blood-free preparation margins.

  • iBOND® Universal

    iBOND® Universal

    iBOND Universal is the universal, light-curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is our all-rounder for reliable bond strength.

  • New

    Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus® Diamond/ Pearl ONE Shade

    Venus Diamond/Pearl ONE Shade is a truly universal shade solution for the majority of everyday cases with enhanced mechanical properties.

  • Venus® Supra

    Venus® Supra

    Venus Supra pre- and high gloss polishers are made of silicone highly filled with microfine diamond powder. The five different shapes provide a universal solution for all anterior and posterior restorations.

  • Venus® Pearl

    Venus® Pearl

    The nano-hybrid composite Venus Pearl sets the new standard of care in a creamy consistency. It combines outstanding physical properties with impressive aesthetics.

  • Venus® Diamond

    Venus® Diamond

    The new standard of care with its firm consistency: Venus Diamond nano-hybrid composite. The innovative formula and specially developed nano-hybrid filler system improve aesthetics, durability and processing properties.

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    Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice: iBOND Universal

    iBOND Universal is the Dental Advisor editors’ choice. Take a look at the evaluation summary showing the great features our all-rounder for bonding matters brings to the table.

  • Dental Advisor


    Dental Advisor Top Product: Venus Bulk Flow ONE

    Venus Bulk Flow ONE was named as one of Dental Advisor evaluators’ favourites. Consultants are convinced “Nice chameleon, color match and polishability.” – are you yet?

  • Kulzer launches Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl ONE Shade

    Press Release: One for the basics. All for the details.” With this message, Kulzer launches a one-shade composite solution for the majority of everyday cases.

  • Kulzer products ranked as Dental Advisor top products

    Press Release: The Dental Advisor has named the TOP and preferred products for the year 2020. Again, several Kulzer products are amongst the testers’ favourite products. Read more...

  • Study

    Study: Long-lasting restorations thanks to the unique TCD-Matrix

    ONE Shade benefits from the unique combination of low shrinkage stress and high flexural strength of Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl which has been well-documented and tested in clinical studies. Read more

  • Clinical study: GLUMA Desensitizer

    Clinical study: GLUMA Desensitizer

    Evaluation of different treatment protocols for dentine hypersensitivity by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil