3Shape Lab Scanners
3Shape Lab Scanners

3Shape Lab Scanners

Building a Dental System for your Dental Lab

Getting started

Scanner Specifications

Item Minimum Requirements* Recommended
Operating System Windows 8 Home (64-bit)
Windows 8.1 Home (64-bit)
Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Windows 7 Pro (32-bit)
Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
Windows 8 Pro (64-bit)
Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit)
Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
Memory (RAM) 8GB 16GB (32GB**)
Video Card 250GB 500GB (1TB***)
Available HDD Space Minimum of 20GB of free disk space
Processor Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7 or equivalent
3D Mouse 3DConnexion SpaceMouse™ Pro
Monitor Resolution 1920 x 1080
1920 x 1200
Network Internet connection
USB Ports USB 2.0 for 3Shape desktop scanner****
Mouse Mouse with wheel button support

* If you are planning to use Implant Studio® integrated with Dental System, please check the system requirements for Implant Studio® in the corresponding user manual.

** For simultaneous scanning and modelling of large cases, we recommend 32GB RAM.

*** We recommend 1TB Hard Drive if used as a stand-alone system or a server with the order folder.

**** D250 scanners require serial port. For D250 scanners, 3Shape supports only PCs purchased from 3Shape as very few PCs are compatible.

Software Packages

Service Models

LabCare models 3Shape LabCare
The comprehensive service package that keeps you ahead and constantly productive
Basic package
Limited services with no subscription payment for the cost-concience lab
Software upgrades
New software releases with latest developments including libraries
All Patches only
Global Support
Authorized experts help you in your
local language and time-zone.
Yes Pay per call
Training & events
Comprehensive user events and trainings by leading dental technicians & 3Shape experts
Special discounts
Save money on additional scanners and software.
Up to 25%
The packages are available with the following scanners
All scanners E1, E2 & E3
NEW LabCare Warranty and scanner Replacement Service
With LabCare With Basic Package
Scanner repair and scanner replacement to avoid downtime Up to 5 years
Add-on not available
1 year (No replacement)


Instructions for use


  • 3Shape Dental System

    3Shape Dental System

    The 3Shape CAD design software supports you with all types of digital dental applications and work processes and can be expanded with numerous add-on modules.