iBOND® Total Etch
iBOND® Total Etch

iBOND® Total Etch

Bonding with confidence.


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  • Easy to use

    iBond Total Etch

    96% of dentists rated iBOND Total Etch as easy to use

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    iBond Total Etch Recommendation

    87% of dentists would recommend iBOND Total Etch to their colleagues.

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    75% of dentists rated iBOND Total Etch as their preferred Etch & Rinse bonding agent.

Features iBOND Total Etch iBOND Universal
Etch&Rinse, Selective Etch, Self Etch Only etch&rinse X
Direct Restorations X X
Indirect Restorations X X
Compatible with Self-, Dual- and Light Cure Materials without activator X X
Bonding to silica based ceramics without primer - -*
Bonding to ZrO2 and metal without primer - X


  • One step

    iBOND Total Etch is applied in just one step after etching with iBOND Etch; laborious rubbing actions are no longer necessary.

  • Clear results after air-drying

    A perfectly identifiable, glossy surface after air-drying the adhesive signifies that it has been effectively cross-linked withthe surface of the tooth.

  • Homogeneous layer

    Due to its optimised consistency, iBOND Total Etch is not dispersed and creates a homogeneous adhesive layer on the dentine and enamel – the foundation for outstanding, long-lasting results.

  • Stable

    The excellent stability of iBOND Total Etch ensures that it can be stored at room temperature; no refrigeration is necessary.


High bond strength

Source: Kulzer GmbH, F&E Bondings Wehrheim, Germany. Unpublished data. Documentation available

Change in bond strength to dentine after storage in water

Source: Navarra CO, Mazzoni A, Di Lenarda R, Cadenaro M, Breschi L: Immediate and 6-month bonding effectiveness of different two-step etch-and-rinse adhesives. J Dent Res 89 (Spec Iss B), abstract 1346, 2010.

Dye penetration depth

iBOND Total Etch – excellent marginal quality


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Instructions for use


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