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3Shape Dental System

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ModelBuilder™ AbutmentDesigner™ Implant Bars & Bridges™
Partial denture
Preparation of scan data, making saw cuts or dies and assigning the models Individual abutments are easy and efficient to produce Superstructures are quick and easy to design on implants
Partial denture
Model Builder AbutmentDesigner Implant Bars & Bridges
Removable Partial Design
Article no. Name
66055071 cara CAD points 100
66055072 cara CAD points 200
66055073 cara CAD points 500
CAD Indications CAD Points
Copings and bridge frameworks 4 per case
Anatomical copings and bridge framework 4 per case
Gingiva on all indications 4 per case
Single wax up / Wax up bridge 4 per case
Tabletops and Non-prepared Veneers 4 per unit
Multi-layer crowns and bridges 4 per case
Digital temporaries 4 per unit
Virtual diagnostic wax-ups 4 per unit
Post & core 4 per unit
Telescopes 4 per unit
Customized abutments and screw-retained crowns 9 per implant
Implant bars and bridges 9 per implant
Full dentures 15 per case
Removable partial dentures 15 per case
Customized impression trays 4 per case
Model Builder™, TRIOS case 6 per case
Model Builder™, 3rd party case 12 per case
Positioning Guides 4 per case
Splints, night guards and protectors 15 per case
Software module Units per month
Abutments ~ 6 units/month
Implant Bars & Bridge ~ 2 units/month**
Partial denture ~ 7 units/month
* Calculation based on list prices and an investment over 4 years

** Assuming that the customer already has the Abutment Designer licence. Price based on an implant bar on 3 implants.

CAD Points are not available for the Ortho software modules!
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    3D Print Material

    dima® Print Digital Denture

    dima® Print Digital Denture

    dima Print Digital Denture helps you create duplicate dentures in a fast, easy process and serve a new market for back-up dentures.

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    3D Printing material

    dima® Print C&B temp

    dima® Print C&B temp

    When it comes to temporaries and provisionals, 3D printing saves a significant amount of time and costs when compared to milling. But not only that: it frees up dental mills for higher value jobs that are not possible on a 3D printer (e.g. zirconia).

  • 3Shape Lab Scanners

    3Shape Lab Scanners

    The widest range of scanners in the Dental Lab industry