HeraCeram Questions & Answers

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What makes Kulzer ceramics different from ceramics of other competitors on the market?

What is the best way to control the ceramic shrinkage?

Can simple water be used instead of the modeling liquid to mix the ceramic powder?

Why does the ceramic shrink during firing?

HeraCeram Zirkonia

Can metal firing pins be used with Zirconia supporting structures?

Firing procedure

How do I determine the right firing temperature for my ceramic firing furnace?

Why can Kulzer ceramics be fired with a heat rate of 100 °C?

How does the cooling speed influence the ceramic?

What is the ideal heat rate for the veneering of zirconium oxide frameworks?

In case of large ZR frameworks should the heat rate be changed?


How does the bonding between ceramic and zirconium function?

How often is it necessary to perform a furnace purification firing cycle when precious or NPM alloys are used?

What exactly is „Chipping“?

Preparation of the framework

What must be observed for the veneering of NPM alloys frameworks?

Can the HeraCeram NP-Primer be used for all alloys and ceramics?

Can Zirconium oxide be sandblasted?

Why should only carbide cross cut burs be used for the finishing of the frameworks?

Why is the framework sandblasted?

What is to be observed during the sandblasting?

Why is an oxidation firing necessary?

At what temperature should the oxidation firing be done?

Should the oxidation firing be done under vacuum?

Why is the oxide layer removed?

How can the oxide layer be removed?

What is the function of the NP-Primer?

Why is the NP-Primer paste so hard?

How can a dried-up NP-Primer paste be diluted?

Can the NP-Primer be used also with precious alloys?

When the NP-Primer is used, is the colour of the surface of the framework of importance?

Is it of disadvantage if the layer of the NP-Primer is applied too thick?

After the NP-Primer must the Pre-Opaquer also be used?

Should the Zr-Adhesive be fired prior to the staining of full anatomical zirconium oxide frames?

Opaquer application

When the opaquer paste has become too dry how can it be diluted?

Can the opaquer (powder or paste) also be applied and fired in one masking layer?

Can the opaquer paste and the opaquer powder be combined?

What happens when the firing temperature of the opaquer is too low?

What happens when the firing temperature of the opaquer is too high?

Can the opaquer be modified with stains?

Liner application

Does the ZR Liner also work with other ceramics?

Glaze firing

To glaze the ceramic is it compulsory to use glazing material?

Mixing liquids

How do the different mixing liquids affect the ceramic?


Which stains do I need for Zirconium?